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My mission is to share the life-changing practice of yoga with students in search of self-discovery, healing, growth, and transformation. In my classes, I integrate Eastern philosophy and Western psychology to assist my students in creating a life aligned within their authentic selves. Utilizing my mental health background as a therapist, I offer to hold space for students to learn, grow, and connect to their state of wholeness and well-being. I offer classes in which my students not only gain knowledge in the physical movements of a pose, but also a sense of awareness that will grow with them as they move deeper within their practice. My hope is that my students will use what they learn on the mat and transfer a strong sense of presence in all aspects of their lives. 

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Signature Classes
Vin to Yin

An hour long class in which you will experience an energetic Vinyasa style for the first half, and a cooling, calming Yin practice for the second half. It’s the best of both worlds that will leave you feeling balanced from the inside out.


An all-levels Vinyasa style that offers modifications and variations. The last few minutes of class are dedicated to a guided meditation practice.  Also check out my Intro to Meditation, a 30 min guided meditation practice. Perfect for students who are just starting their journey into meditation!

Soulful Slow Flow

Feel every movement in your body as you slowly flow through the poses. Gain body awareness and connect to your soul's center within the relaxing rhythm of this practice.

Inner Fire Flow

An invigorating flow to cleanse the mind and body. This class will offer modifications as well as challenges throughout the flow. Connect to your inner fire in this transformative practice.

"Amber’s class is one of my favorites to take, it’s challenging and grounding. Whenever I feel stressed and need a pause in life Amber’s voice and creative sequencing helps my body to be calm and present. She is very good in explaining all the yoga poses. Her class helps me release all the unwanted energies in my body and soul. Her class also helped me to feel rooted and connected to my inner self.So, If you haven’t taken her class yet you are missing out!"-Merryl B.

"Amber is such an amazing yogi!  From her soothing voice, to her awesome flows, she will lead you through one of the absolute best yoga classes. As an experienced yogi, Amber knows how to guide an entire class while still making it feel like a personal experience. My daughters and I have been flowing with Amber for years and with her guidance, we have grown so much in our practices.  Thank you, Amber for lighting that spark in us!  You are the best!!!" -Chanda J.

"I met Amber while taking some of her classes around Key West. I totally fell in love with her practice and her unique way of teaching - her soft voice and the flow of her classes feel like magic!I took private lessons with her for over a year to improve my technique so I could be ready to take my 200 YTT. Needless to say, I learned so much! not just the physical aspects of yoga, but also the very soul and meaning of the discipline, and how to apply it to my everyday life. Amber has a degree in mental health counseling and is extremely familiar with the practice as well as with the history and philosophy of yoga and sanskrit. She is also well versed in the field of meditation.As a result, her approach is extremely comprehensive and has helped me use yoga as a tool not only to physically exercise and improve my technique, but also to work on my mental health and anxiety.I have nothing but words of gratitude towards our work together, as it has elevated my practice to a whole other level and given me not just a teacher but a friend and mentor." -Guatalupe D.

"Amber is so much more than a “yoga teacher”. She is a healer and a guiding force! The energy and knowledge that she brings to every class is inspiring and fresh. There is no ego, no pressure, no judgement. She cares about her students and wants to genuinely impact those taking her classes in the most positive way. The poses are ever changing, and explained in a way that helps you really tap into your own body and soul.Her energy is beyond kind. She has a certain grounded, intuitive and nurturing demeanor about her. I enjoyed how some of her classes were themed, focusing on one part of your body, like hips, shoulders or twists. She starts and ends classes with a mantra to focus on or an encouraging passage. I would recommend Ambers yoga classes to any and everyone interested in continuing or starting their yoga practice. You’ll leave feeling lighter and breathing easier." -Jess F.

"I love Amber's essential oils and smooth calming pleasant instructor voice! Her clients are able to escape mentally during her class,  playlists, and readings." -Lola M.

"When I think about Amber's classes, I really appreciate her emphasis on being kind to yourself, when the poses don’t come.  The mix of physical movement, that builds in intensity to a real workout, but ends with a restful, thoughtful reading or meditation.  It is this mix, and the talent she has for blending the physical with the awareness of what is going on in the mind, that makes live classes so much better than videos.  I actually sense the caring Amber has for the people she teaches." -Jay M.

"Amber is hands down the best yoga teacher I ever had, and the reason I fell in love with yoga! Her class is a perfect blend of challenging yet relaxing, I always left feeling proud of myself and excited for the next class. I will always be grateful to have had the opportunity to have her as a yoga instructor!" -Jenny B.

About Amber

Amber is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance, as well as a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). In her field of study, she is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and holds a Masters of Art. Amber has a background in clinical mental health counseling, and while working in the field it became evident to her that helping others was a holistic process. It was then that Amber completed yoga teacher training and gained a deeper understanding into the mind-body connection to better serve others. Amber teaches a flow that facilitates body awareness, emotional consciousness, and the connection of movement with breath. In her classes, you will experience yoga philosophy mixed with creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, and a space where students are encouraged to learn, grow, and create themselves on and off the mat.

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